Social Engineering Countermeasures

Social Engineering Countermeasures

Social Engineering Countermeasures: To combat social engineering is very critical for any certified ethical hacker (CEH). Ethical hackers are the security professionals or network penetration testers. The organizations employ them to use their hacking skills and toolsets for defensive and protective purposes. These defensive methods are the countermeasures to social engineering. A countermeasure is a …

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Types of Social Engineering

Social Engineering

Social engineering can be categorized into two common types: Human-Based: This is achieved by the face-to-face interaction between the attacker and the victim. An example of such type is calling the help desk of a bank to get the account details of an account holder. Computer-based (also known as phishing): It refers to attacks achieved …

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Hacking and its Types

Hacking and its types

We hear the term hacking very often. It can range from as simple as shoulder-surfing to destroying very complex and expensive systems. There are many types of hacking. In this post, I am going to share various types of hacking. Hacking has been a part of computing for approximately 57 years. The term HACKER was …

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