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Yes, Now You Can Create Private GitHub Repositories

GitHub is a great web-based version control service using Git. It is used by millions of developers, from all over the globe for project management. GitHub provides distributed version control and source code management(SCM) to its users. The hot news about it is that we can now create multiple private repositories for free. Until recent …

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Dzongkha in Gboard – Google’s Android Keyboard

Smartphones can now render complex scripts from all over the world. In one of my posts, I have discussed how to install Dzongkha keyboard in android phones running on Android Operating System (OS) versions 5.x and lower. If your phone runs on the OS category mentioned above, possibly the solution I have shared in this …

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Social Engineering Countermeasures

Social Engineering Countermeasures

Social Engineering Countermeasures: To combat social engineering is very critical for any certified ethical hacker (CEH). Ethical hackers are the security professionals or network penetration testers. The organizations employ them to use their hacking skills and toolsets for defensive and protective purposes. These defensive methods are the countermeasures to social engineering. A countermeasure is a …

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Coding VS Programming

Coding vs Programming

Coding and programming are two words in the field of computer science or software development often taken interchangeably. But coding and programming are two different things. Here let us look into this differences – Coding vs Programming. The differences between coding and programming can be understood from its definition itself. With respect to the different …

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Top 5 Dzongkha Learning Apps

Dzongkha Apps

Dzongkha Apps: Here are some of the Dzongkha learning apps developed by various entities to promote Dzongkha through ICT. This approach is also expected to promote the use of Dzongkha in mobile phones. Notice: The images used here are from the app links indicated individually for each app.   i. Dzongkha for kids Size: 35MB Description: Dzongkha for kids is aimed at promoting Dzongkha through ICT. The app …

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Types of Social Engineering

Social Engineering

Social engineering can be categorized into two common types: Human-Based: This is achieved by the face-to-face interaction between the attacker and the victim. An example of such type is calling the help desk of a bank to get the account details of an account holder. Computer-based (also known as phishing): It refers to attacks achieved …

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HTTPS Vs HTTP There are several reasons why websites must be run on HTTPS rather than HTTP. HTTPS basically stands for HTTP over SSL (Secure Socket Layer). It is implemented to secure connection between web server and the client web browser. All the modern browsers support it and they treat http as insecure connections. The …

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Hacking and its Types

Hacking and its types

We hear the term hacking very often. It can range from as simple as shoulder-surfing to destroying very complex and expensive systems. There are many types of hacking. In this post, I am going to share various types of hacking. Hacking has been a part of computing for approximately 57 years. The term HACKER was …

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