Programming is the process of writing computer understandable instructions. These instructions can be written using languages known as computer programming languages. Java, Python, C#, C, and C++ are some of the popular ones.

Introduction to Computer Programming

Introduction to Computer Programming

This is an introductory notes on computer programming using C programming language. Before getting into programming, we have to understand a few terms and problem solving methods well. Some of these important terms are: 1. Computer Generally, a computer is a machine and is often defined as a machine that takes some input, processes it …

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Installation failed with message Invalid File : Android

I have a perfectly working android project on my laptop. Due to some circumstances, I had to run that project in another pc. I could “build” the project successfully. But while I “run” the project, I was shocked to see that there came an issue installing the application into emulator. I was popped up with …

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