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Programming is the process of writing computer understandable instructions. These instructions can be written using languages known as computer programming languages. Java, Python, C#, C, and C++ are some of the popular ones.

Coding vs Programming

Coding VS Programming

Coding and programming are two words in the field of computer science or software development often taken interchangeably. But coding and programming are two different things. Here let us look into this differences –...

Implementing Euclid's Algorithm

Implement the Pseudo-codes of Euclid’s Algorithm

Let us look into how to implement Euclid’s algorithm and Euclid’s Extended Algorithms using Java Programming Language. Euclid’s Algorithm Pseudocode Euclid’s Extended Algorithm Pseudocode Question Implement the pseudo-codes of Euclid’s algorithm with recursive function...

C Program to Find GCD

C Program to Find GCD

C Program to Find GCD: This post discusses how to write C program to find GCD. There are many approaches to find the greatest common divisor (GCD) of any two numbers. It is the...

C Program to Print Fibonacci Numbers

C Program to Print Fibonacci Numbers

Before looking into the program to print Fibonacci numbers, let us look into what really it is.  Fibonacci numbers are a sequence of numbers known as a Fibonacci sequence which is characterized by the fact that ‘every number after...

Arrays 0

Arrays in C Programming

An array is an identifier that stores a set of similar data. In another way, arrays can be defined as a data structure that can store a fixed size data in a sequential order...

Functions by THE BHUTAN IO 1

Functions in C Programming

A function is a block of code or a group of instructions that as a unit performs a specific task. So functions are programs, and they can be either library functions or programmer written...