BT’S Customers NOT Happy with its Different USSD Codes?

Earlier today Bhutan Telecom LTD. shared about the two different USSD codes for checking voice and data balances on their Official Facebook Page.

The post also ‘declared’ several other USSD Codes for different purposes.

Source: Bhutan Telecom LTD. Facebook Page
Source: Bhutan Telecom LTD. Facebook Page

The Post Reads As

Dear Customers,
You can now use following USSD codes for both postpaid and prepaid :

1. *170# dial to check your balance for voice and data.

2. *171# dial to recharge by entering voucher no.

3. *172# dial to recharge to third party

4. *173# dial to check your own number

5. *170*1# dial to check only voice balance

6. *170*2# dial to check only data balance

For postpaid there won’t be voice balance, however you can check your data balance.

Bhutan Telecom
Always there for you!

Mixed Feedbacks

Positive Sides

Some of the positive sides of these USSD codes:

  • Eliminates confusion between voice and data balances
  • Provides choice for checking balances differently

Negative Sides

Not everyone is happy with the service.

  • Confusing and complicated for illiterates
  • Many prefer both the balances displayed together
  • Does not fit into all the devices’ screens properly (not user-friendly)
Someone shared this screenshot to show user-friendliness
Someone shared this screenshot to show user-friendliness


I personally feel these codes can become very handy after users get used to it. It provides choices to the users which is a user’s fundamental right.

But it can be complicated for who have limited literacy. For those with this issue can dial 123 as the alternative.

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