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Blogging Tools: Blogging is fun and successful when one knows what tools to use. Handy tools are now available on phones that we use every day. Not all the tools can be effective but here I will be sharing the blogging tools that I use every day. Once I used these tools, they turned handy and I found worth sharing it.

1. Grammarly Keyboard

As good as Grammarly as in browser plugins, the Grammarly Keyboard available in Play Store can be used as a guide and editor in terms of grammar.

It not only eases the work of finding spelling errors but also simple grammar errors. It provides possible correct spellings and grammatical structures that best suits what one has entered wrongly.

2. Canva

It is a cool application that can be used to create beautiful pictures for blog posts, social media, and other platforms at the click of few buttons. With it, one can create beautiful and intriguing images both for blogs/websites and promoting them through social media.

Here are some of the pictures I created using Canva. These two pictures were used in my other blog Dzongkha.

Sonam Dargay

Kuzu Zangpo la! I am Sonam Dargay, a student in the College of Science and Technology affiliated to The Royal University of Bhutan. I am a tech enthusiast student, studying Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology.

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