Introduction to Computer Programming

Introduction to Computer Programming

This is an introductory notes on computer programming using C programming language. Before getting into programming, we have to understand a few terms and problem solving methods well. Some of these important terms are: 1. Computer Generally, a computer is a machine and is often defined as a machine that takes some input, processes it …

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Hacking and its Types

Hacking and its types

We hear the term hacking very often. It can range from as simple as shoulder-surfing to destroying very complex and expensive systems. There are many types of hacking. In this post, I am going to share various types of hacking. Hacking has been a part of computing for approximately 57 years. The term HACKER was …

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Reasons for Using SSL Certificates

types of social engineering

The Internet is a network of networks. The information that you share over the Internet passes as packets through a lot of machines through many networks to reach the destination device. Intruders can corrupt the information sent through the Internet if security measures are not taken into consideration. Thus it is important for the people …

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Installation failed with message Invalid File : Android

I have a perfectly working android project on my laptop. Due to some circumstances, I had to run that project in another pc. I could “build” the project successfully. But while I “run” the project, I was shocked to see that there came an issue installing the application into emulator. I was popped up with …

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How to Use GitHub for Android Application Development?

GitHub is a Git or version control repository hosting service site used mainly for programming. Here I’ll be showing step by step approach towards using GitHub while developing an android application. Developing Android applications demands teamwork. In such cases, situations would demand using GitHub. Creating Account in GitHub Click Here and Create A GitHub Account. …

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