What Do You Know About Social Engineering?

Social Engineering

By definition social engineering is a discipline or art of manipulating people so that they share their confidential information. It may start from collecting information as simple as your legally registered name, date of birth, passwords or bank information depending on the interest of the exploiters. These criminals may collect information based on what they are targeting …

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Tshangla: My Mother Tongue

BhutanIO BHUTANIO bhutanIO

Tshangla: Background Though spoken predominantly across the country, Tshangla exists as a primitive language (without a writing system), described it as an unwritten language. Tshangla also known as Sharchopkha (meaning The Language of the Easterners{Eastern Bhutan}) is the major language used in the eastern part of Bhutan, some parts of Arunachal Pradesh (India) and Tibet. …

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