WeChat Tips and Tricks

There are many features that one may not have noticed in WeChat. WeChat is a social networking application running on various platforms. It provides a lot of services apart from text and voice chats,...


Python on Android Phones

Python programming language is being used for various purposes, because of its simplicity and robustness. In most of the institutions, it is being taught as introductory courses to programming fields. In this blog post,...

Open Kattis Problems' Solutions 0

Open Kattis Problems’ Solutions in Python

Problem: ABC Problem Link:¬† Sample Solution: array=list(map(int,input().split())) ar_sorted = sorted(array, key=int) string = input() if string == ‘ABC’: print(ar_sorted)   Problem: Apaxiaaaaaaaaaaaans Problem Link:¬† Sample Solution: oldstring = input() newstring = oldstring[0] for char...