Month: February 2018

Structures and Unions in C Programming

Structures In the previous chapter, Arrays we have found that arrays are being used to store data of the same type. But often we come across the collection of that of different types that can be considered a unit. For example, in the register book that contains the employee details working in a company, the …

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Control Statements in C Programming

Control statements in C: While solving computational problems we come over conditions where we need to deal with the situations that have two possibilities like a thing would happen if other doesn’t happen. Sometimes we may have to keep the program executing repeatedly unless a certain point is being reached. To overcome these situations we …

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Introduction to Computer Programming

Introduction to Computer Programming

This is an introductory notes on computer programming using C programming language. Before getting into programming, we have to understand a few terms and problem solving methods well. Some of these important terms are: 1. Computer Generally, a computer is a machine and is often defined as a machine that takes some input, processes it …

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Hacking and its Types

Hacking and its types

We hear the term hacking very often. It can range from as simple as shoulder-surfing to destroying very complex and expensive systems. There are many types of hacking. In this post, I am going to share various types of hacking. Hacking has been a part of computing for approximately 57 years. The term HACKER was …

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