THE BHUTAN IO is an Information Technology blog covering wide range of topics including programming languages to blogging tips

What is it for?

The blog is aimed at sharing thoughts, ideas, and knowledge in the fields of computer science or information technology, covering topics ranging from blogging to programming!

our Focus of Thoughts

System Programming

Basics of Linux

System Programming: Ranging From Basics of Linux/Unix Commands to Shell Scripting

Flowchart to check even or odd by


C. Java. Python. Android.

Notes on Programming languages, Sample Programs, and much more!

Blogging Tips

WordPress. Blogspot.

Blogging ideas, tips, steps to start a blog, niche selection, hacks, and tools

Learn to Code With Us

We know the importance of coding in today’s world. We know that we learn more by sharing. We believe in sharing. We share to learn, join us to learn with us!

Internet, the Infinite Library

We believe in the Internet. The Internet is a library without bounds, the Infinite Library! We are in the pursuit of being a part of it!

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