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HTTPS Vs HTTP There are several reasons why websites must be run on HTTPS rather than HTTP. HTTPS basically stands for HTTP over SSL (Secure Socket Layer). It is implemented to secure connection between web server and the client web browser. All the modern browsers...
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Phone-book Using Shell Script
Here is the program to create a phonebook using a shell script. It covers the following functionalities. Display a menu for the following functions Add an entry Display all matches to a string Sort and display the file Delete all the entries that match a...
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Some Shell Scripts
This post covers some of the shell scripts to: Find roots of the quadratic equation To count the number of files and directories in directory Store the information of a student such as student name, department, year and semester in an array and display all...
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Blogging Tools on Your Phones
Blogging is fun and successful when one knows what tools to use. Handy tools are now available on phones that we use every day. Not all the tools can be effective but here I will be sharing the blogging tools that I use every day....
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Basic Bash Shell Commands
Here some of the basic bash-shell commands. This post is the continuation of the last post I've shared about Linux commands. The Linux commands shown here covers file and directory management matters. 1. Linux Commands for Listing Files and Directories General Form: ls [parameter] Displaying...
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15 Basic Unix Commands One Must Know
A command is an instruction given by a user to a computer to do something, such as to print number of files in a directory. Commands are generated by typing them in at the command line or command prompt(in Windows) and then pressing the ENTER...
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Structures and Unions in C Programming
Structures In the previous chapter, Arrays we have found that arrays are being used to store data of the same type. But often we come across the collection of that of different types that can...
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Arrays in C Programming
An array is an identifier that stores a set of similar data. In another way, arrays can be defined as a data structure that can store a fixed size data in a sequential order where...
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Functions in C Programming
A function is a block of code or a group of instructions that as a unit performs a specific task. So functions are programs, and they can be either library functions or programmer written functions....
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Control Statements in C Programming
Control statements in C: While solving computational problems we come over conditions where we need to deal with the situations that have two possibilities like a thing would happen if other doesn’t happen. Sometimes we...
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C Programming Basics
In the last chapters, we have looked into some of the import terms in C programming and setting up the environment for writing C programs. In this section, we will be looking into how to...
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Introduction to Computer Programming
This is an introductory notes on computer programming using C programming language. Before getting into programming, we have to understand a few terms and problem solving methods well. Some of these important terms are: 1....
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Installation failed with message Invalid File : Android
I have a perfectly working android project on my laptop. Due to some circumstances, I had to run that project in another pc. I could “build” the project successfully. But while I “run” the project,...
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